Mr. Johnson is the founder and principle owner of Lynnwood Technologies, an international group of companies based in New York City, NY (Lynnwood Technologies LLC), and in Lagos, Nigeria (Lynnwood Technologies Nigeria Ltd.).  He has focused his efforts over the past 20 years and through these companies on servicing the IT needs of major corporate clients in North America and West Africa, and with respect to the following business lines:  

 Enterprise Data Architecture, Development and Administration:

o  High Performance Transaction Processing

o  Datawarehousing, Business Intelligence and Analytics (Predictive/Prescriptive)

o  Design and Implementation of ETL Systems

o  Performance Monitoring, Evaluation, Audit and Optimization

o   Design and Implementation of Enterprise Service Bus Architecture

o  Master Data Management and Data Governance

o  Data Tier Migrations and Remediation

o  Cloud Architecture

       Project Management:

o  Agile Software Development for Complex Business Intelligence Projects

o  Management of International Software Development Teams

o  Project Estimation, Costing and Scheduling

o  Proposal Writing and Presentation to C-Level Stakeholders

o  Contract Negotiation

o  Hiring / Staff Mentoring

          Business Development:

o  Multiple direct service contracts valued at more than $1 MN

o  Value-Added Reseller Agreements with Autodesk, MTN Nigeria Communications Ltd. and Microsoft

o  Rapidly growing client base


Our clients have included major corporations in the Financial Services, Media, Retailing and Telecomms industries, as well as small and medium-sized companies, on both sides of the Atlantic:

General Reinsurance Corp.


Cerberus Capital Management, L.P.

Ivy Asset Management, L.P.

Ernst & Young, LLP

Bloomberg, L.P.

MTN Communications Nigeria Ltd.

Ann Taylor, Inc.

Autodesk Inc.

Andover Brokerage, L.P.

EonDesigns, LLC

Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc.

Victor Technologies, LLC

RevNet, LLC

Artisan Entertainment, Inc.

Redcats Group, Inc.

Kaspersky Labs, Inc.

Zhivuvkrymu, Inc.

Our architectural designs and implementations and our expert project management practices have permitted our clients to achieve new heights in their individual business domains, as well as to preserve and maintain their current operations, functionality and service, all with a view to preserving tight data security.