We're always looking for new, skilled associates in every area of IT, IS and Information Management.  And we have new positions and opportunities opening every day.  The sky's the limit !

To be considered, please do each of the following at the earliest possible time:

   1. Prepare your résumé, indicating there your:

         a. Complete contact information (name, address, cellphone, email) 
b. First and second choice of job sought and career objectives 
         c. Individual skills qualifying you for the job

         d. Work history (employer, location, job title, dates, accomplishments)
         e. Educational history 
         f. Special awards/recognition
         g. Expected monthly salary, benefits and accommodation
         h. Consent to receive periodic emails alerting you to job openings in your field

  2.  Obtain high-resolution images of all your:

         a. College and university transcripts
         b. Diplomas and certificates
         c. Letters of recommendation 
d. Hardware/software testing certificates 

   3. Forward your résumé and supporting documents to us at the following addy:


We regularly take large numbers of résumés and cannot respond individually to every submission.  However, if we find an opportunity that matches your skillset, you'll certainly be first in line!