Mr. Igwe joined Lynnwood Technologies as our Chief Operations Officer, having had more than 5 years’ progressive experience in public administration with the Board of Education in Abia State in Eastern Nigeria.  His responsibilities, there, included organizing and executing community-based projects for the Board, as well as maintaining appropriate internal records of same.

Since joining Lynnwood Technologies, Mr. Igwe has managed every aspect of the firm’s internal operations in Lagos, including responsibilities for all plant and equipment, maintaining the company’s senior staff residence, sourcing equipment and materiel, engaging and supervising local vendors, and negotiating contract terms.

Mr. Igwe is Microsoft Certified Professional with expertise in MS Dynamics SL 2011 Financials.

Mr. Igwe completed his formal education at the Igbere Senior Secondary School, Abia State, in 1997. He is fluent in English and Igbo.