Lynnwood Technologies is a certified provider of IT solutions, uniquely well-positioned to serve the business communities of North America and West Africa, and focused on the delivery of Microsoft technologies.

Our specialties include:

•  Cloud Solutions / Migrations with MTN and Windows Azure 

•  Enterprise Data Architecture and Data Warehousing using MS SQL Server

• Microsoft Volume License agreements to assist you in reducing your Total Cost of Operation

• Autodesk Engineering / Design Solutions : AutoCAD, etc. in Nigeria

• Advice, installation and support for MS Dynamics SL in West Africa

•  Small and Medium Business Infrastructure:

Ø Windows Networks and Systems

Ø  Hyper-V Virtualization

Ø  Website Development

Ø  Mobile Applications

Ø  Project Management, Cost Control and Staffing

Ø  Server/Desktop Virtualization

Our clients have included such captains of financial services as Bloomberg LP, PwC Strategy&, Ivy Asset Management and Cerberus Capital Management, as well as major retailers and e-commerce players, like Ann Taylor and Redcats Group, direct marketers like Revnet and brokerages like Victor Securities and Andover Trading.

Bring your vision to us.  Our highly skilled staff  will make your dreams a reality !